Employee Services

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Warehouse Workers


  • Have you been placed at risk of redundancy or given notice of redundancy?

  • Do you have to reapply for your old job?

  • Are you being treated differently to other people?

  • Do you want to check whether you are being treated fairly and within the law?

Redundancy legislation is complex; case law changes frequently and employer obligations are onerous.  Even large companies get it wrong! If you are at risk of redundancy, give ExpertER a call.


  • Do you have a complaint about the way in which you are being treated?

  • Do you feel discriminated against?

  • Do you feel like resigning?

  • Does it just feel wrong?

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions, give ExpertER a call for a professional opinion.


  • Are you under investigation or have been suspended?

  • Have you been dismissed?

  • Have you been asked to resign?

Employers have significant legal obligations during a disciplinary process which are often overlooked. Give ExpertER a call for professional advice.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

  • Is your employer trying to change your contract?

  • Is your employer trying to change your working hours or pattern?

  • Is your employer trying to remove or change certain benefits?

  • Is there anything that simply doesn’t feel right?

Your terms and conditions of employment consists of, not just your written contract of employment, but also verbal agreements, customs and practices. If your employer is trying to change this, broadly speaking, they must have your consent. Give ExpertER a call to check if your employer is acting lawfully.